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The highlight of our stay [at the Don CeSar Resort
and Spa ] was our dog Keisha's massage therapy¦. Adjectives fail me in describing Eve's expertise.  Eve assessed Keisha before the massage and following that analysis performed range of motion testing as well as the massage.  Her teaching and instruction with us was so expert and thorough. This program is a winner!! Our congratulations to all for the innovation and successful implementation of such a concept.
                                                                      - J. & J. Rowan


Eve Lucia has always been passionate about natural health for people and animals. Her journey towards her current work in therapeutic massage and energy healing began with a desire to attend vet school. After experiencing thousands of hours assisting veterinarians in pursuit of
this goal, her observations led her to believe that animals were being over-vaccinated, over-medicated, over-fed and under-nourished. She began to redirect her energies towards holistic, natural and preventative methods.

Eve has always had a strong energetic connection with animals. She deeply appreciates their purity, innocence and ability to live fully in the present moment. She has also found that animals respond extremely well to natural therapies and energy healing modalities. The flow of reciprocal, unconditional love from grateful animals and pets keeps her inspired to continue in her chosen  life's work.


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Training and Experience
Eve has over two decades of experience in holistic healing, holds
a license in massage therapy and certifications in over fifteen therapeutic massage modalities. She has been teaching for the
last twelve years, offering workshops and clinics in energy medicine, massage and bodywork. Learn more about Eve's classes and certification programs on her Workshops & Clinics page.

Specialties and Healing Innovations
Eve possesses an unbeatable combination of formal training and intuitive ability. She works
with both people and animals (particularly dogs and horses). Among her specialties are canine massage, equine massage, Reiki for dogs and horses, canine and equine craniosacral therapy, pet and animal nutrition, pet fitness and sports massage. Eve has also innovated both products (see Healing Arts Shop) and techniques including Energy Intuitive TherapySM and Bamboo-Stone TherapySM. Learn more about her Hands-On Therapies.

Eve's Vision for A Healing Sanctuary
Eve's compassion for animals has also led to her desire to create a healing sanctuary for rescued animals who have been neglected, abused and abandoned.  This sanctuary will be
a safe haven dedicated to the restoration of the hearts, bodies and spirits of animals in need.
Eve Lucia Healing Horse
I'm so glad you were brought into the program as
one of our instructors! I'm very excited about the possibilities you introduced to me with equine and
pet massage. Our paths crossed for a reason! I look forward to your workshops. Thanks.
   - Mary Ann
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