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Eve offers massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, advanced bodywork, sports massage, Reiki and other healing modalities for people, their pets and other animals including show animals and livestock. Eve’s specialties include canine and equine massage and energy therapies for dogs and horses.

Benefits of Animal Massage and Bodywork
The importance and benefits of pet and animal massage are numerous:
  • Increases blood circulation and movement of lymph fluids
  • Enhances muscle tone and helps to improve joint flexibility
  • Stimulates and supports the immune system
  • Encourages natural self-healing abilities
  • Helps to promote recovery from illness or injury
  • Complements veterinary treatments

Consulting Services and Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM
Eve also provides consulting services to determine and address the root cause of health imbalances. Consultations include nutritional recommendations, Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM and custom health programs. Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM use a saliva sample to measure the amount of energy emanating from the cells and organs of the body. This subtle energy field is referred to as the life field or aura. Once the priorities for healing are determined, a holistic health program is developed to balance energy flow and increase wellness.


"Eve is a deeply compassionate healer and teacher. The animal kingdom knows she is a gift.  Her warm smile, sense of humor and sharing of personal experiences is so honest.  Thanks for all you do and for sharing your warmth and your knowledge."     - Michelle  B.

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For consultations or to schedule an appointment, contact Eve Lucia at (727-776-1212) or

“The true realization is that dogs can really benefit from massage.  This realization is that they know more than I gave them credit for - just because they don’t talk… doesn’t mean [they aren’t] aware of EVERYTHING.” 

Debbi W.
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