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Have you ever felt drained after eating certain foods or being around certain people? Let Eve Lucia help you get your power back! Energy work includes dynamic and versatile modalities that palpate the electromagnetic field of the body, to promote health and well-being.

Customized Holistic Health Programs
Eve Lucia’s Customized Holistic Health Programs allow people to manage their health, their personal energy and their personal power. These programs
get to the “root cause” of the health issue, health challenge or energy drain.

Health priorities for each individual are determined based upon the results of an Energy Intuitive EvaluationSM. Following this, the most appropriate remedies are recommended to address/resolve each health priority. Learn more about Energy Intuitive EvalutionsSM.

Energy Management Coaching Services
Energy Management Coaching services are recommended if you are experiencing high levels of stress and significant energy loss. Eve’s Customized Holistic Health Programs and Energy Management Coaching require a personal commitment, plus pre- and post- Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM in order to successfully achieve the established health goals.

Eve’s ability to help others manage their energy is based upon her advanced studies of Energy Medicine techniques taught by Rev. Hanna Kroeger, advanced Energy Anatomy & the Science of Intuition taught by Caroline Myss,PhD and over 12 years as an educator, consultant, coach and Healing Arts practitioner. See Eve’s Resume for her credentials and qualifications.

Understanding Energy Therapies
Bodies (human and animal) are composed of interconnected systems of positive and negative vibrational polarities. There is a universal Life energy which flows through our bodies continuously. Corrections or remedies are effective only in proportion to how they act as balancing agents in these polarity fields and functions.

Disease is a blockage of the currents of life in their flow. This current flow interruption is the real disease. Based on the scientific fact that humans and animals are electromagnetic beings, then, an excellent modality for healing is energy.

Read Eve’s full explanation of Energy Medicine & Energy Therapies (PDF))

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•  Animal-Assisted Therapy & Animal-Assisted Learning
•  Equine Experiential Learning & Equine Facilitated Learning
•  Energy Intuitive RidingSM

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