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Our store offers holistic, organic, gourmet, specialty and nutritious products for people and their pets. We are constantly reviewing, researching and field testing products in order to make the most appropriate recommendations to our customers. We only recommend products that we and our pets use! 

One of Eve’s favorite products is Bioage BioSuperfood (BSF), a proprietary blend of microalgae, the oldest form of whole food on the planet.  It provides optimal, cellular nutrition to nourish the body and the brain. BioSuperfood is likely the most complete food on earth!

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and pets, including Super
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    BioSuperfood (BSF) Formula F1 Base - Basic
    Nutritional Support

    BioSuperfood Formula F1 Base is a key foundation for
    your holistic nutritional program. Use BSF formula 1 for     allpurpose nutritional support, health maintenance, and     fitness promotion.

180 Caps. 3 - 8 weeks supply
   Price:  $ 54.99

    BioSuperfood (BSF) Formula F2 Core - General
    Nutritional Support

    BioSuperfood Formula 2 promotes the energy levels you     need for optimal  vitality. Use BSF F2 for  immune system     support and as part of your preventative health maintenance     efforts.

180 Caps. 3 - 8 weeks supply
Price:  $ 71.99

60 Caps. 2 - 4 weeks supply
Price:  $ 32.99

    BioSuperfood (BSF) Formula F3 Forte - Advanced     Nutritional Support
    BSF Formula 3 is our most powerful nutritional formula.
    Use BSF F3 when you need advanced nutritional support     and peak performance in every area of your life!

180 Caps. 3 - 8 weeks supply
Price:  $ 131.99

60 Caps. 2 - 4 weeks supply

Price: $ 51.99

    BioPreparation Animal Formula F2+ Core - General     Nutritional Support
    For holistic pet nutrition you can trust, try BP Formula F2+ for     animals. BPF F2+ helps to correct and prevent nutritional     deficiencies in the animals you love.

60 Caps. 2 - 4 weeks supply
Price: $ 32.99

    BioPreparation Animal Formula F3+ Forte - Advanced     Nutritional Support
    BP Formula F3+ for animals has added nutraceutical       strength. This formula is rich in antioxidants and  is     recommended for advanced health maintenance,     immune system support, increased vitality and 
    healthy aging.

60 Caps. 2 - 4 weeks supply
Price: $ 51.99

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